Friday, 18 September 2009

The unknown plant/shrub

I found this plant/shrub in my wildflower border last year. It grew rather large (as you can see from the first photo) so I moved it to the border next to the back fence. My attempts to identify it have failed, but it now has some rather distinctive flowers.

Coincidentally my father who lives about 250 miles away also has the same unknown plant in his garden (also flowering for the first time this year).

Does anyone have any idea what it is please?


Scriptor Senex said...

How about Leycestaria formosa? It looks like the illustration in one of my books but it says it flowers May to July and both ours have flowered now.

Helen Edwards said...

A google image search confirms that looks just like it. Plants down here tend to flower even earlier than it says in books though. Mine definitely started flowering this September.

If it has berries than that would explain how it arrived - travelled by bird I suspect.

According to wikipedia it is seldom found in contemporary British gardens. Odd that it's found a way into both of ours.

holdingmoments said...

One of its common names is Pheasant Berry. A stunning looking plant when in full bloom.