Thursday, 17 December 2009


Our hedging and other assorted trees arrived today - a bit later than planned, but well in time for Christmas. We bought 15 beech trees for a hedge along the front wall, the following native species to put in the mixed hedges to the left and right of the front garden

Buckthorn, Alder
Dogwood, Common
Rose, Sweet Briar
Rose, Field
Rose, Dog
Rowan/Mountain Ash
Maple, Field

some non-native dogwoods to put in the borders, a crab apple to replace the hydrangea by the front door (Exeter city council obviously thought planting a hydrangea in every council house garden was a good idea, but personally I don't like them), a couple of currant bushes and I couldn't resist buying a Korean Fir and a walnut to go in pots until we have a bigger garden. By the time we'd got everything into the ground and watered it had been dark for an hour so I shall have to take some photos tomorrow.

Having watched "The age of stupid" the other night we're quite pleased to be planting and not digging things up for a change.


holdingmoments said...

Some great additions to the garden Helen.
Not only will you enjoy them, the wildlife and birds will benefit too.

Scriptor Senex said...

A Walnut tree. Gosh, I've always wanted a house with a walnut tree in the garden (and room for it, of course). I don't know what it is about them but they make wonderful specimen trees.
I'm looking forward to seeing the hedge in a few years time when it's got little birds flitting in and out.

ADRIAN said...

Where I come from we ave 'A little man' for such menial tasks. All the best. You can't beat a mixed hedge.