Friday, 26 February 2010

Frog spawn

After a couple of weeks of daily trips to the ponds I was finally rewarded today with our first frog spawn of the year. Interestingly the frog chose to spawn in the smaller pond, which is currently rather cloudy because we've had a lot of rain recently and when the garden floods the clay particles sit suspended in the water for days.

The sun is currently shining, the first crocuses came out this week and it feels like spring has finally arrived at Frog End.

If you have a garden pond you can help the woodland trust research the impacts of climate change by recording when frog spawn first appears and adding your records to their nature's calendar.


Dewi Elliott said...

It's nice to see the picture. We have a lot of frost over the last few weeks. The pond has rarely been free of ice, so mayb the frogs couldn't use our pond yet. xxx

ADRIAN said...

Helen a pond with no ice! Superb. Nope dad is OK.

holdingmoments said...

That's the first 'spawn' I've seen this year. Seems to be a bit late here.

Henry Walloon said...

Nice to see the frogspawn here again.

I just came across your great blog searching for information on Helophilus pendulus hoverflies. It seems we share a common interest in blogging our local wildlife! By coincidence I've found I've just posted an almost identical picture to that of your 18July09 posting.

Keep up the good work.