Thursday, 23 February 2012

Competition in the pond

The number of frogs in our pond is still increasing and things are starting to get a bit aggressive. Today several frogs formed a mating ball and started rolling over and over in the water as I imagine a crocodile would with its prey. The males were fighting over a female and were trying to shake each other off. They even resorted to pushing out of the water and trying to smash each other against the rocks at the edge of the pond. Most of the males gave up at this point, but two were just not letting go.

This embrace is called amplexus, but I've not seen two males hug the same female before.

If you turn the sound up high you can hear some of the frogs croaking in this video:

I've given up trying to distinguish between, and therefore count, the clumps of spawn, which is a shame as I'll have to estimate for the Big Spawn Count.

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Scriptor Senex said...

I think all our frogs have gone on holiday to Devon - can't blame them, mind you! Especially with such a lovely pond as yours awaiting them.