Monday, 5 May 2008


I've been meaning to blog about seeds for such a long time. This year I've planted a huge variety of flowers, seeds being a much cheaper way of filling up a practically empty garden than buying plants. Many of them are native wildflowers, but I've also planted lots of my favourite cottage garden flowers - lupins, hollyhocks, delphiniums etc and a few more tropical species too.

On the whole the seed planting has been very successful. We've only lost one tray of seedlings to a dry period whilst we were away and another tray that William managed to knock off the windowsill. A few have failed to sprout and I've found it near-impossible to keep verbascum seedlings alive. Has anyone got any ideas what I might be doing wrong with them?

In April we supplemented our trays of flower seeds with vegetables. Most of these could be planted straight into the ground, but at the time our vegetable patch was not ready. We've been quite adventurous with our vegetable planting. We have the usual cabbages, carrots, beetroot, lettuces etc, but have also planted sweetcorn (Ian's favourite vegetable beside potato) and 3 varieties of pumpkin.

Today we bought some trellis (unlike on the Wirral it appears that garden centres here are open on bank holiday) so that we can grow peas up the side of the house. I'm really looking forward to shelling peas for the first time in years.

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Scriptor Senex said...

I'm surprisd that someone of your tender years has ever shelled peas. I remember doing so in Nana's kitchen at 46 Queens Drive - for some reason, traditionally, one did it over old newspaper at the back kicthen table.