Monday, 28 April 2008


Last autumn we spent several hours digging up a section of the front lawn and planting tulips. At the time it was hard work, not helped by the fact that you can't put a spade in our front garden without hitting a brick, lump of concrete or other rock of some sort.

I was a little worried that the tulips didn't want to come up this year and thought that maybe we had planted them too late, but a couple of weeks ago they popped their leaves up and are now in full flower. Whilst the rest of the front garden is a big mess the tulips are a lovely splash of colour.
At some point we will have to mow our front lawn, but it is very hilly and we're worried about damaging a lawn mower. Even if we risk it I won't be doing it anytime soon as there are so many lovely cuckoo flowers in the lawn at the moment.

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