Wednesday, 30 July 2008


Our first crop of whitecurrants. Not quite a glassfull, but they went down well with some blueberries and ice cream. Our first crop of redcurrants were eaten by an unknown suspect before they turned red. Shame.

My instinct was to write whitecurrants as 2 words, but to write redcurrants as one. Opinions on which is right please!

I wonder if I would prefer whitecurrants over red and black if they were as common. I think I prefer their flavour, but then that's probably because they're the first I've eaten in over 10 years.


L'homme bizarre avec la barbe grise said...

My instinct is that each is one word. That is confirmed in "Ingredients" by Loukie Werle and Jill Cox. It may not be a world authority on spelling but it's an excellent book - all the more so because it confirmed your spelling and my instinct!

Scriptor Senex said...

I've never had a whitecurrant!!!