Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Calla lilies (again)

More calla lilies. I love how the plants sometimes seem confused as to what shall be a flower and what shall be a leaf - resulting in some very pretty leaves.

I broke off part of the pink calla

to give to Dad, but it reverted to yellow rather than pink. Still, the yellow is very pretty.


Scriptor Senex said...

I assume from that, that the Calla Lily's natural colour is yellow. Are all the other's hybrids like Peimulas and do they, like Primulas, all revert to yellow (or pink in the case of primulas) eventually?

Helen said...

In its original form the calla is a pure and almost luminous white. However is Zantedeschia aethipica, the original white calla lily, is not the only variety available to gardeners today. Plant breeders have produced Zantedeschia Elliottiana, a yellow variety and the smaller, 16 inch Zantedeschia rehmannii, in a variety of pink rose violet and lavender shades. Other varieties have purple or dark throated spathes. These colored varieties tend to be stronger in color the first year they are grown, and are likely to revert to white if grown over time.

Helen said...

That was from a website, by the way. Forgot to put quotation marks and now it doesn't seem to want to let me edit it.

I shall try dividing the reddish one we have and see what colour that becomes.