Wednesday, 20 August 2008


This was supposed to be a blog about vegetables, but after experimenting with lots of different varieties this year we've found that due to the combined efforts of slugs and butterflies we're going to be growing mostly root vegetables next year.

For the last few weeks whenever it's not been raining the white butterflies have been fluttering about, laying batch after batch (or is it a brood when it isn't fish?) of eggs. We no longer have any brussels sprouts to speak of, nor cabbages. I have one ornamental cabbage left and the only reason that has not been eaten is because it is next to 2 large sprout plants. We have therefore decided to abandon our above ground vegetable crop and to grow caterpillars instead. We're doing very well at raising caterpillars.

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Bryony said...

Shame about the crops but if you are destined not to grow brassicas of any kind again you should devote 18" of trellised wall to nasturtiums. You will have pretty flowers, take up less ground space and when the flowers are over is just the time the caterpillars start munching leaves. They still get the time to self seed making sure you get them year after year. This way you can grow colourful flowers and grow butterflies!