Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Animal homes

The search for land has taken me on a journey of discovery over the last few months. Although we've spent only a few hours actually looking at land I've spent days thinking and planning for the future.

Most of my thoughts have been about trees and plants and what we could grow to attract wildlife. I've also decided that the (first?) book I shall attempt to write will be a sort of diary / account of the creation of a nature reserve from scratch. Not that the land we'll buy at this stage is likely to be turned into a nature reserve, but we shall use it as a sort of trial to see what does and doesn't work - particularly regarding habitat creation.

Recently I've been thinking about artificial habitats - homes for animals that can be erected immediately and don't require time for trees or undergrowth to establish. Obviously bird boxes spring to mind, but there are all sorts of others out there on the internet and in garden centres. Ian is keen on the idea of making them - a fun hobby and also a response to how much they cost.

dormouse box

hedgehog house

bat box

There's an enormous range of specialised bird boxes these days:

tawny owl box

Treecreeper box

barn owl box

duck box

and a floating duck house.


Scriptor Senex said...

If you are going to write a starting from scratch book you need to keep notes on your efforts to buy land as that is obviously going to be one of the hardest aspects. (You may even be able to look back on it with humour given enough time!)

Helen Edwards said...

Good point. I will definitely require some positive experiences to balance out the negative ones, but they are all informative.