Monday, 2 February 2009

There's snow even in Devon!

It took a long time for the snow to reach Devon from Russia, but reach it it finally did.

Unfortunately I was in a meeting when most of the snow fell (typical - the only meeting I've had this year) and by the time we got home the light was fading. Still, we managed to go out in the garden, play with William, give the birds and squirrels some fresh water and then watch a squirrel jump around in the snow. Fantastic!

William ventures out onto the pond


Scriptor Senex said...

Poor Otter looks frozen - can't he have a scarf in this weather?

Dewi Elliott said...

Wow, very nice snow there. Gary told me that there might be some snow again this Thursday, Let's wait and see. ;)

GB said...

How do you know that the snow came from Russia. It seems an awfully long way - horizontally. At 29 deg centigrade today we didn't have snow in Gisborne!
[verification = spiatto]