Saturday, 7 February 2009

Wildlife at the pond

Yesterday I went out to feed the birds and noticed that there were quite a few holes in the snow, caused by a mammal of some sorts. They led from the pond to the side of the garden where there is only a leaning fence panel - an easy way into the garden for mammals. The holes didn't seem like the ones William made when he walked in the snow, but unfortunately there was a bark path underneath the snow so there were no other clues.

I spent the last 10 minutes listening to the scream of a fox - probably on the field at the back of our garden, although I don't know how far the sound could carry. I'm pretty sure it was a fox after checking what a fox scream sounds like on youtube (can't believe I ever lived without it). I wonder how I can get more clues as to what is drinking at the pond at night. The garden is really muddy, but in the absence of snow I can't really see even the cat prints that I know must be there. Any ideas?

Red fox at Formby pine woods.


Scriptor Senex said...

A frivolous one comes to mind - ghet Ian to put some wet cement in a ring around the pond every nmorning. Animals cannot resist wet cement! I may be joking about doing it but it does seem as if animals purposely walk on wet cement - does it help to clean their paws, I wonder?
If I think of anything more sensible I'll let you know.
Was the fox photo taken by you? I don't recall it but it's certainly a good one.

Helen Edwards said...

Yep I took the fox photo around 2006/2007. It was feeding at the first corner as you enter the squirrel reserve and didn't seem bothered by us humans at all.