Monday, 24 March 2008

Additions to the family

Today we returned from a trip up North to see family at Easter. As usual the car came back loaded with all sorts of goodies. These included plants (rarely a week has gone by when our car hasn't transported plants since we bought our house), our tabby cat William and the usual Easter choccies. More unusually I spent the journey sharing a footwell with a family of newts and a tub full of frogspawn thanks to my very generous father. The newts were very brave and survived 6 hours of jolts and noise. William protested a little louder than the newts, but on the whole was very good.

Our newt family consists of two adults and at least 5 little newtlets, one of which seems a much darker colour than the others. Hopefully I shall photograph them before they make their final journey to our new pond, but for now I shall borrow a photograph or two of my fathers (there is after all a small possibility that our newts could be the ones that he photographed).

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