Saturday, 29 March 2008

Lining the pond

Having got our newts to think about we'd been waiting for a break in the weather to finish off the pond. Unfortunately the break never came so we went out on Friday night and braved the weather to line the pond.

We used a layer of loft insulation under the liner to prevent stones and roots from breaking through. Even with a single layer of loft insulation it looked like there was no pond hole left, but as soon as the water went in it squashed down nicely.

We bought the liner from B&Q in the end, having found it cheaper than Otter Nurseries. It came in a fixed size so we have plenty to spare to make a bog garden and more. Unfortunately we have no outside tap so having emptied the water butt, buckets and wheelbarrow that we'd had outside collecting rainwater we were then reduced to filling the washing up bowls and carrying that out. After about 60 of those we gave up for the night and this morning we bought a hose. Not that the hose would attach to our indoor tap, but we used the connector for the washing machine instead.

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