Saturday, 14 June 2008

House Mouse

Today one unlucky (or was it lucky - I can't decide) little mouse was brought into the house by William. William dropped the mouse upon being shouted at by Ian. Happily it was unharmed, but of course it then proceeded to hide.

First it hid in the hall, then just as we thought we had it cornered it ran into the lounge. I was quite surprised as I'd shut the lounge door, but despite being a good-sized mouse it slid under the door with ease. Having chased it around the lounge we observed it go under the door back into the hall. This time we blocked under the lounge door with the doormat, only to find that the mouse managed to get under that as well. Ian finally cornered it in the lounge, giving it only the option to go in the waste paper bin where I photographed it before its release.

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L'homme bizarre avec la barbe grise said...

Isn't she (I think it's a she) beautiful. I've always had a very soft spot for mice until I got back from NZ last year and discovered the garden shed absolutely over-run with them. And when I say over-sun I mean inundated. Every one of the 6 wellington boots had a family nest and food store and that was just for starters. However a gadget plugged into the electric circuit has eliminated the problem. A shame really because I don't mind giving a home to the odd one or two.