Saturday, 14 June 2008

Lovely moths

It's been a great few days for wildlife in the garden. I saw 2 slow worms yesterday and one the day before, a damselfly that unfortunately didn't settle long enough to be photographed and 2 of these beautiful moths (although I think one of the slow worms I saw on successive days was in fact the same one, one of these moths was in hte front and the other in the back so I am assuming they are different individuals). I thought that the moth would be easy to identify, but having been through one book am no longer convinced. Fingers crossed that the next one proves more successful.

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Mark said...

It's a Large Yellow Underwing. I haven't been able to find my moth book since I moved house, but fortunately I confirmed my initial thoughts as I'm at my parents so used one of their books. The black bands on each wing with the lighter coloured area only appear on the Large not any of the other varieties (as far as I know).