Monday, 9 June 2008


We've had 3 guests in the house in the last 10 days. Only one was human. One was a speckled wood that decided it liked the dining room wallpaper. The other created much more of a shock. I was on my way outside when Ian said I'd better come upstairs and see what William had done to my cacti. I was shocked to find that he had knocked all 5 pots off the study windowsill. On occasion he has knocked the odd object off, but never been so clumsy as to send soil flying everywhere (including unfortunately all over our colour laser printer). Whilst staring at the mess and cursing William I got an enormous shock. We have a net curtain on the study window, which had been pushed to the far side so we could view the progressions in the garden. At the top of the net curtain a dark object suddenly moved. My first thought was rat and despite the fact that I do indeed love rats I was horrified. The flutter of wings calmed me a little and I realised it was simply a bird. How had a bird got in the study when the window was shut? Turns out Ian opened the window to let a large buzzy fly out, went to the bathroom, came back and shut the window and in that time a bird had got in and been so quiet that Ian didn't even notice.

The bird had got inside the netting somehow and got stuck at the top. When I tried to help it out it simply climbed higher into the corner of the netting until it was all caught up. Leaning over the printer I eventually managed to untangle the claws and after a little panicked fluttering it soared out the window. I'm not even sure if it was a starling or a blackbird - it was such a flustered moment. Blogging reminds me that I must test out the printer to see if the soil got anywhere it shouldn't have.

We apologised to William.

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