Monday, 17 August 2009

Found it!

It turns out that I spoke too soon regarding the large moth and that it had in fact remained inside the house (though I can't imagine where). It showed up in the bathroom this morning and was very relieved to be let out after being photographed.

To the naked eye and with the flash off it looked a very dull brown - similar to a ringlet butterfly, but the flash revealed quite a distinctive pattern. It's the largest moth I've seen here in Devon and with wings spread was the size of a peacock butterfly. All suggestions as to the species are most welcome.


Scriptor Senex said...

It's an Old Lady (Mormo maura). a species I have never seen. I think it is the largest British Noctuid but I could be wrong there.

holdingmoments said...

It is indeed, Old Lady. Scriptor beat me to it lol
Lovely shot too.

Helen Edwards said...

Thank you both! Much appreciated. I really need to invest in a new moth book.

ADRIAN said...

They both beat me to it, It's in Collins 'Flies July/August and sits on trees various. Says nothing about bathrooms. That's that then!

Mark said...

Damn, I should check if there are any comments before trying to ID moths on blogs!

I've never seen on either, although given that my book suggests most common in the south-east that might explain why.

The UK Moths page shows that they also roost in large numbers something I've never seen any moth do before -- and something I'm assuming you wouldn't want in your kitchen!

Life in Egypt said...

Nice dragon,
wish I could get this close to ours here by the Nile,
I have a photo of a green caterpiler, somewhere on my blogs
will put it on a newer post see if someone can Identify the species.