Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Cuckoo flower

Two blog entries in one day with cuckoo in the title. That can't happen very often.

Having returned from California I was really excited to see all that had sprung up in the garden in only a week. The best surprise was finding that our front lawn was full of cuckoo flowers / lady's smock. Today we redid our bog garden, having found on the internet that we hadn't dug it deep enough in the first place. I then transplanted around 15 cuckoo flowers from the front to the bog garden. There are at least another 20 plants still in the front lawn so if anyone would like them now is the time to ask.

I decided to transplant the grass with them as our front lawn needs completely redoing anyway (who knows what else will spring up in there during the year) and the flowers look much prettier when set in the grass (or at least I think so). I actually bought a couple of cuckoo flower plants on the internet, but have to say these are much more healthy and established and have transplanted to their new location very well. We're very pleased to have some established plants around the pond.

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