Friday, 25 April 2008


As you may know I have started growing trees from seed, with two purposes in mind. I shall sell most of them once they have reached a reasonable size and use the money to add to our woodland fund, the aim being to buy a piece of UK woodland at some point in the future. The remainder we shall keep and plant in the future either in our garden or by/in the woodland itself.

Most of the tree seeds require treatment prior to sowing. Usually this consists of soaking the seeds in water for a day or two and then storing them in the fridge for a number of weeks. Others require a much more complicated process of heating and cooling to imitate the seasons. Those are best left outside to germinate.

The first seeds to germinate were Nordmann firs, followed by a few of the beech trees. Whilst I was away last week our first little oak popped up in a pot we had kept in the lounge. It is now in a more sunny spot and is showing signs of producing its first leaves.

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