Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Slow worms

This morning we awoke to find that the pond was 6 inches lower than last night - about the same level as before we topped it up. Not yet sure where it is leaking, but it appears to have stopped.

Pete is away today and we are so glad to have been at home during the day. Having decided to top up the pond again to see if we could watch the water leak out I'd just put the end of the hose in the pond when up popped a lovely big slow worm who had apparently opted for a swim. He had some trouble climbing out, but with a little help from Ian made it to dry land where of course we got a couple of pictures before placing him in some vegetation.

This is the 3rd slow worm we've seen in the garden now, but the first we've managed to photograph. Does anyone know if slow worms are partial to newt?


Scriptor Senex said...

Brilliant photo - please make sure he or she is around when I come down; I'd love a Slow Worm photo.

thingsoftheday said...

We shall try our very best. I hope the fact that we saw them twice in the autumn before they hibernated and once so soon after hibernation has ended means that we shall see them quite often.